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Outsourcing bookkeeping and tax

Today, outsourcing of accounting and online tax return services is not just a trend in the financial services portfolio, but also a real tool to reduce costs, increase efficiency and transparency of processes, as well as minimize errors and payment of related fines.

For many years, tax experts around the world have been providing a full range of accounting, financial, tax return online and management reporting services, taking into account all the features and nuances of clients’ activities: field of activity, availability of taxable items, volume and types of operations, etc.

This is a service that is firmly established in the business practice of business, not only due to the optimal price-quality ratio, but also due to the many additional benefits acquired by the organization. The purpose of outsourcing accounting services (from English outsourcing: outer-source-using, using an external source) is primarily to reduce the costs of servicing your own accounting, to get comprehensive advice from the professional team of employees on legal and accounting issues.

The main advantages of accounting outsourcing include the following circumstances: you can avoid the waste of time and money on finding professionals in accounting; the employees have significant experience in accounting services for a wide variety of enterprises operating under different tax systems, therefore, they will be able to quickly and easily solve any problem related to tax or accounting; usually accounting services provided at accountants business location, so you will not need to create new jobs for an accountant, his assistant, and you will be able to outsource salary; you will be spared from the cost of specialised software, including accounting, legal programs, etc.
In our staff, in addition to highly qualified accountants, there are also professional lawyers and auditors, the possibility of consultation with which is a guarantee of the correctness of the accounting records at your enterprise; unlike a full-time accountant who can quit at any time, fall ill or go on vacation, accounting services are outsourced not by a single employee, but by the entire audit firm.